Wednesday, February 4, 2009

RFP for Grandparent Programs

Prepare for the funding –
It’s time, folks. Those of you who work in kinship care and especially at local and state resource centers – time to get all of your data and funding resources together so that you can make a plan for RFP’s (program proposals called Request for Funding) that will be coming your way. Whether it is funds from the Fostering Connections for Navigator programs or a collaborative piece of any stimulus money or foundation requests for funding, you will want to be ready.
Steps you may want to consider for funding requests:
1. Meet with kinship partners for a brain session to discuss a project need – it could be establishing a kinship care resource center or addressing a specific health need project for kinship providers such as caring for HIV babies.
2. Vision - Create a vision of the project in detail – is it a resource center where kinship caregivers can discuss their needs and get one-on-one help, regular meetings, with a library, or a program based on a core of current Best Practices such as Second Time Around curriculum (Linda Dannison, ). Gather the data of those who will use your program to emphasize the need to funders. Note who will be partners in the project such as the health department, senior center, or ymca. Note the role each partner will play. Clearly plan who will do what including the lead agency and a director or leader of the project.
3. Money – work together to plan for costs of the project – personnel, transportation, supplies, the details you will need to make the project succeed. Have the budget reviewed by all partners. Don’t forget to include in-kind support (volunteers, non-financial agency support such site, printing, secretarial support). Always plan for diminished funding – how will the program expect to continue after this funding is gone?
4. Outcome – What are the expected results of this project and how will they be measured? Could the project have a research piece utilizing local university researchers?
5. Time – Be sure that designated writers of the dream project will be ready to adapt to the call for the RFP formula.
Don’t wait for the RFP call. Your kinship community of workers will want to be ready to respond when money becomes available. For more on establishing a kinship care resource center check the book, A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children for Grandparents and Other Relatives As Parents at .
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