Thursday, April 3, 2008

Generations United, AARP, Children’s Defense Fund, Grandfamilies of America, Grandparents for Children’s Rights – A Strong Collaboration

In the Welcome section of the book, A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children, I expressed my love for a job I once had coordinating community collaboration for the benefit of local families. What a joy it would be to collaborate nationally on a project of significant importance. That is what several organizations have done for grandparents and other relatives as parents to smooth the path to Congress regarding critical kinship issues. In this blog let’s connect to these treasured organizations as they prepare for the Grand Rally 2008, May 7. As you check the sites, explore the pages for all the other good things these groups do.

Children’s Defense is the central site for registration to the Grand Rally. Once participants register an e-mail packet of events will be sent that includes maps and information of events surrounding the Rally. Go to the Children’s Defense Fund site then down about four articles to the Third Grand Rally.

National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s is assisting with overnight accommodations at the Grand Rally. The website offers a variety of support areas for grands. If visitors join the organization, a free subscription gift to Grand Magazine is offered. is offering advocacy training at the Grand Rally on May 6 and the morning of May 7. On the AARP site you will find a ton of resources for grandparents including group forums where grandparents can “talk” with each other on various topics.

Child Welfare League of America - is one of the most prolific organizations on the web. With the talk radio show, webinars (training sessions on line), and regular announcements of reports and funding opportunities, CWLA, is a wealth of activity information for child welfare service providers.

Generations recognizing the wealth of all ages, the focus of Generations United is to celebrate all ages and to nationally encourage the collaboration of organizations that enrich our lives together. Study this wonderful website. Take a look at Together magazine on line for many articles about what is happening for the generations around the country and the world. I am so pleased that A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children will be recognized in an upcoming issue of Together.

Grandfamilies of the only organization for grandparents raising grandchildren full time 24/7. Lots of resources and work toward collaboration with other like groups.

Other Items: A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children for Grandparents and Other Relatives As Parents is receiving some very nice response. To see an indepth copy of the book go to the website -

Happy Spring!