Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Grandparents and Other Relatives Still Rescuing

Hello - Recently I received a touching e-mail from an Aunt who rescued three nieces and a nephew several years ago. She was just 24 at the time, trying to secure a home for these four young children. The children came from her sister who had been warned by the State Department of Social Services that it was either Foster Care or a relative for the children. The young Aunt took the children and heard nothing from the sister or the State. She tells us that she raised the children the best that she could without help in a very tiny house. There was a small support for about a year and a half from the State social services, but the help was restrictive for what little was gained.

This is not an indictment of a State public system, but rather a comment on the elephant in our democracy. Our government system is constantly in a dance with Federal rules and States rights. Through a very clumsy representation selection we voters elect officials for both of these governing elements. The threads of governing become sadly complicated leaving many who would support the health and well-being of children, at a great savings to the government coffers, struggling not only financially but through an entanglement of public services including schools, health care, and basic needs.

In the story of the Aunt who worked hard to secure her wards becoming Mama to them all, there is a positive epilog. The children are adults now with close ties to the woman who cared for them. She was happy to tell me that soon there will be twins in the family and she will be a "grandma". We all know that she and the children endured so much more that a few sentences can say, but we are at least happy for this one family's survival.

I will try to keep up on updates for this blog. Please forgive me for delays. Life has had its own gravitational pull on me. Watch for a blog post soon on new events and resources.
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