Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grandparents, Relatives Check these resources

Think 2020. What kind of country do we want to have as we move more deeply into the millenium? We could have greater struggles with our social problems because in the early years of the millenium we refused to take care of business.Or we could have a bright future because we know the importance of a healthy society with physically and mentally healthy children. Our economic troubles today unfortunately were borne out of a greed that permeated the first decade. Sadly to correct the problems we seem to be bent on denying the health of the future. The key word these days is cut. Cut spending, cut social programs, cut until we bleed to death.
It doesn't have to be this way. A collaborative focus on priorities with a vision to a designated future, say 2020, might just prove to be far more productive than slashing ourselves in a bloody self-flagellation.

Some of the resources and events following are an excellent place to help cure our vision problem. Please check out these possibilities for kinship programs, and especially support for the children - all of the children.

CWLA Conference
The Child Welfare League of America will confer with service providers and caregivers on March 27 through March 30 in the U.S. Capitol area (Hyatt Regency in Arlington VA to be specific). Over 60 workshops and many events including a pre conference Kinship Summit Sunday March 27. Register on line at or check out the website, If you register by this Friday, March 4 you can be entered for a free airline ticket drawing.

Generations United,
The Generations United alerts are providing up to date information on what's at stake for children, youth and grandfamilies, especially on the current assault on the Social Security program. GU tells us that 6.5 million children are protected by social security, the largest service program to children in the country. Go to the website to sign up for alerts.

e-Adolescence Newsletter
VALUABLE RESOURCE: the State Adolesence Health Resource Center currently centered at the University of Minnesota serving the country provided a valuable list of resources in their February 2011 newsletter. Such items as - A Portrait of 4 Generations, 2010; Juvenile justice systems reports; After school research/resources; Teen families; Teens in school - a New York State response to chronic absences; tons of health resources and research for teens; Children in low-income and the impact on their school success; mentoring. Please, please check this terrific list of resources. Ask for an online copy from .

As always Thanks for some of those contacts from Luanne Beaudry of Prevention Network/Parenting Awareness Month (PAM), or call for materials 517-393-6890 .

Parenting Tip Sheets
Thanks to Barb Schwartz, Illinois Relatives Rasing children Program for the following resource: Tip Sheets such as Bonding with baby, Dealing with Temper Tantrums, Teen parents, Raising your grandchild, Military families free from

Northern Ohio Kinship Tips
The Kinship Navigator Program Newsletter from Northern Ohio always has excellent tips on an aspect of relative care. Check

And as always there is a great deal of information in the book, A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children for Grandparents and Other Relatives As Parents, or from

That's it from here. Live in the present, but keep your eye on the future.

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