Wednesday, February 10, 2010


SCHIP is the acronym for States Child Health Insurance Program. This valuable federal program is designed to fill the gap in health care coverage for children whose family income is over the eligibility for Medicaid, but too little to afford costly private health insurance. Each State is responsible for the program design and outreach to eligible families. Sadly, with a desperate economy recently you can imagine the odd circumstance of more families needing the insurance while strapped states are not able to inform the public adequately. Consequently, many eligible children and their families have no idea such a help is available to them at a very reasonable cost.

In Michigan, for instance, the SCHIP funds are appropriately called MIChild. For $10 a month per family the children can receive health and dental care including shots and well-baby care, prescription drugs, and dental exams. The coverage is available through a variety of health plans administered by the state.

Here’s the tricky part, but well worth the inconvenience. Though the MIChild website claims the form can be filled out on line, the reality is that families have to go to their local DHS to determine eligibility, that is, income too high for Medicaid. Either program, Medicaid or MIChild are imperative for strengthening children’s health support. Most states participate in the SCHIP funding.

As the health debate continues to blather on in Congress, don’t miss out on what already exists for the children. Check with your local Department of Human Services for the process and necessary papers needed. Good health is the foundation of for a good future.

And take your vitamins.

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