Monday, September 28, 2009

Kids Central Inc Does YouTube for Kinship Care

SHHH . . it is way too quiet these days, especially on kinship care issues. We are receiving fewer notices of events, kinship websites are sitting dormant for months at a time, and the national organizations have been almost silent lately. We know kinship care continues to be a national concern especially in these turbulent times. We know state social program funds are being cut across the country leaving kinship care support in the debris.
Maybe we are in a wait-and-see on the social issues that affect all of our citizens. I hope those of you who are in kinship care are holding on strong – meet up with each other, gather resources wherever you can, and write – write letters and articles to your local media and legislators to keep the issues alive.
In Florida, for instance, concerned child welfare providers are appealing to the voters to say NO to cuts of Title IV E waiver which provides significant funding for kinship programs. See the You Tube appeal on
Check your state legislative activity regularly, or to find out who your district legislators are, try www. (your state).gov or simply google the state government.
To keep up with your federal legislators, Generations United, offers the following steps:
How to contact your representatives:
1. Identify Your Member of Congress:
A. Visit
B. Enter your zip code in the "write your officials" box
C. View names and contact information for your members of Congress

2. You can call your Senator directly or be connected through the House Operator (202-225-3121) or Senate Operator (202-224-3121).3. Once connected, identify yourself as a constituent and ask to speak to the Legislative Assistant in charge of national service and education issues.

Keep the faith, kinship friends, you are still not alone.

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