Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kinship Care Good Intentions

This year . . . yep, this year I'm going to do better. That's how it starts - resolutions to old frustrations. One of the goals for the new year is to write new blogs more often - at least once a week - on a timely kinship care topic. Many of you have commented to the blogs with wonderful thoughts and some deep questions, which tells me there is a need for this sharing. Thank you for all your encouragement.
I'm also going to give more talks this year about the issues in A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children for Grandparents and Other Relatives As Parents, a book I labored over for so long. And we are going to improve the website . . . and find a reputable book distributor so that the book will be available in mainline bookstores . . . and we are going to follow up with personal notes to folks . . . clean the desk drawers . . . and bake cookies . . . oh dear, here goes that list again.
When we welcome our new President on January 20, 2009, a child of kinship care, I expect all of us to have our goals posted on the refrigerator and a new energy to accomplish our Good Intentions. For now here is wishing you a loving holiday season filled with peace.

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