Friday, November 2, 2007

Edward James Olmos, Jamie Foxx, and others

As I was searching for celebrity relatives who were raised by grandparents or other non-parent relatives, I found very little. Generations United, had a very nice listing of a few folks. One with a comment by Edward James Olmos, who was raised by greatgrandparents, struck me as true appreciation for the unheralded kinship care families:

Edward James Olmos- Actor "I was very fortunate. I was raised by my great-grandfather and my great-grandmother. And great-grandparents are exactly that: great, grand parents. And I must tell you, that was probably the single most important aspect of my life."

Thank you, sir, for that honor to your folks. I am looking for more examples. If you know of celebrity or well known sports or business people who were raised by non-parent relatives please contact me, Helene (Tita) . There is more to share with you, so check back here in a day or so.

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