Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still Learning

In case anyone out there is checking this blog - Tita's aging brain is still learning the very fine details of internet technology. Your patience with me is grately appreciated. Though I am spending most of my time actually writing (finishing) the book on kinship care, I take a break now and then to suffer through this funny technoworld. whew. So we have new colors. How do you like it?
If you really are checking I'd also like to know what topics are concerning you as someone interested in the hush-hush issue of Kinship care - grandparents, aunts uncles, older sibs, all going through the tough course of raising a child. In the book I cover some of the big topics that many families have shared with me:
Legal issues - when and what to do to protect children in the relative care family (guardianship? power of attorney?)
Social Services issues - what can social services do to help us help these children? (and how do I find social services near by?)
School issues - when and how to register and secure children in school.
The list goes on. What is on your mind? Maybe we can help.
In the meantime, back to the book work.

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